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Embedded Xinu previously used a Subversion repository, but in 2013 switched to git as the preferred method of development.

The official public repository is hosted on Github. To get the code, install git and run:

git clone

This will generate the directory xinu/ containing a local copy of the repository. Note that this is a standalone repository that can be used without Internet access to the Github repository. This constitutes a difference from Subversion, which is more centralized.

Git is documented extensively in many locations, for example in the "Pro Git" book. But briefly, a very basic workflow is to modify files, use git add and git commit or git commit -a to commit the changes to the repository, then use git push to push changes to a remote repository.

Branches in git are fast and easy to use, so please develop experimental features in their own branches. Code pushed to the "master" branch should not be broken.