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XINU features an automatic address resolution protocol. The ARP daemon is run automatically on start up and waits for incoming ARP packets. Incoming packets are filtered through netRecv and ARP requests/replies are sent on to the ARP Daemon.

On the other side, when sending packets, netSend will check the ARP table to see if it has a hardware address for the given IP. If there is no matching entry in the ARP table, an ARP request is sent and

To print the ARP table run the arp command from the XINU shell:

xsh@supervoc$ arp
Address                 HWaddress               Interface            52:54:03:02:B1:06       ETH0           00:16:B6:28:7D:4F       ETH0           00:25:9C:3A:87:53       ETH0

Currently there is no way to add/remove entries or clear the ARP table manually.


RFC 826