Build XINU on Mac OS X

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To setup a MIPS cross-compiler on Mac OS X, we followed almost the exact same procedure as the tutorial for setting up the cross-compiler in a Linux environment. The only difference lies in the second configure command.

In Linux the command looks as follows:

   ./configure  \
--prefix=/usr/local/project/mipsel-dev \
--target=mipsel --with-sysroot=/usr/local/project/mipsel-dev/mipsel/ \
   make install

In Mac OS X you will want to run the same command with different options, as follows:

./configure \
	--prefix=${TARGET} \
	--target=${ARCH} \
	--enable-languages=c \
	--without-headers \
   make install

Besides these differences, your cross-compiler setup on Mac OS X should be the same as the setup in a Linux environment.