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<pre>CFE> help
#REDIRECT [[Common Firmware Environment#Command Line Interface]]
Available commands:
rndis              Broadcom USB RNDIS utility.
et                  Broadcom Ethernet utility.
modify              Modify flash data.
nvram              NVRAM utility.
reboot              Reboot.
flash              Update a flash memory device
memtest            Test memory.
f                  Fill contents of memory.
e                  Modify contents of memory.
d                  Dump memory.
u                  Disassemble instructions.
autoboot            Automatic system bootstrap.
batch              Load a batch file into memory and execute it
go                  Verify and boot OS image.
boot                Load an executable file into memory and execute it
load                Load an executable file into memory without executing it
save                Save a region of memory to a remote file via TFTP
ping                Ping a remote IP host.
arp                Display or modify the ARP Table
ifconfig            Configure the Ethernet interface
show devices        Display information about the installed devices.
unsetenv            Delete an environment variable.
printenv            Display the environment variables
setenv              Set an environment variable.
help                Obtain help for CFE commands
For more information about a command, enter 'help command-name'
*** command status = 0</pre>

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