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One of the biggest hurdles for compiling on one computer and sending the binary to a second computer is the architecture type. For our purposes we are developing on a powerpc architecture and sending the compiled binary to a mips processor. This is done through the use of a crosscompiler, our powerpc to mips crosscompiler is located in:


All compiling programs are prefixed with mipsel-linux-uclibc- to differentiate the crosscompiler from the local system's compiling programs. A simple recommendation is to add the crosscompiler directory to your path. This can be done by typing:

export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/project/EmbeddedOS/crosscompiler

Alternativly, this can be added to your .profile or .bashrc (or whatever script loads when you use a terminal...).

All the standard GNU Compiler Collection programs should exists (most importantly gcc and objdump are there).