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This page catalogs all possible tasks for the Embedded XINU project. Feel free to add new tasks and change existing tasks as you see fit.






  • Wireless networking
  • Robo-switch
  • Watchdog timer
    • It seems to be there, how do we use it/where does it come from
  • Timing mechanism
    • Analyze timeliness of system
  • Improvements to system efficiency



  • Windows port of xinu-console tools
  • Rebooter daemon


Fall 2005

  • Complete port of ancient-XINU (Pentium) to modern processor (PPC)

Summer 2006

  • Hardware modifications for WRT54GLs
  • Communicate over serial port (MIPS)
  • Write loader for MIPS port

Fall 2006

  • Complete port of PPC-XINU to MIPS-XINU
  • Interrupt subsystem

Spring 2007

  • Initial asynchronous UART driver (TTY driver)
  • Initial file system (via the second TTY)

Summer 2007

  • Basic Shell (port from x86)
  • Improvements to the UART Driver and TTY Driver
  • Code Audits
    • Including the startup process, UART Driver, TTY Driver, libxc, Interprocess Communication (now mailboxes), memory, interrupts, and other important XINU subsystems
  • Hardware modifications for EJTAG port
    • Successfully wrote Flash memory via EJTAG interface