Ethernet Driver

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The Ethernet driver for Embedded XINU is currently under development. This page for now will serve as a space for scratch documentation of the development process.

Failure Log

11:23, 30 July 2007 (CDT)

  • Problem: status read 0x00001080 (TimeOut & DescProtoErr)
     91556 bytes XINU code.
           [0x80001000 to 0x800175A3]
     32764 bytes stack space.
           [0x800175A4 to 0x8001F59F]
  16648800 bytes heap space.
           [0x8001F5A0 to 0x80FFFFFF]
      descriptor rings allocated...
                receive ring at 0x80020000
                transmit ring at 0x80021000
        packet pool allocated at 0x800217C0