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This page lists the platforms currently supported by the Embedded Xinu operating system (or at least in development).

Supported Platforms

Platform Status Comments
Linksys WRT54GL [1] Supported This is our primary development platform, on which Xinu has been tested thoroughly.
Linksys WRT54G v8 [2] Supported Tested and running at the Embedded Xinu Lab.
Linksys WRT54G v4 [3] Probably Supported The v4 is apparently the version on which WRT54GL is based, and so although the Embedded Xinu Lab has not explicitly tested it, it probably works.
Linksys WRT350N [4] Under Development Currently the synchronous UART Driver works.
Linksys WRT160NL [5] Supported Newer model of router. Full O/S teaching core functioning, including wired network interface.
mipsel-qemu [6] Supported Full O/S teaching core functioning, network support in progress.
Raspberry Pi [7] Under Development Core operating system including wired networking is functional. Some new features are still being worked on, and the full documentation (e.g. for a laboratory setup) hasn't been completed yet.