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(Fast forward to spring 2007.)
(lab setup tasks completed)
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== More Research ==
== More Research ==
* TODO: (concrete tasks)
* TODO: (concrete tasks)
** Lab Setup Tasks
*** Complete three more backend conversions when additional parts arrive.
*** Securely epoxy transceivers into front casing.
** XINU Tasks
** XINU Tasks
*** Complete wired NIC driver.
*** Complete wired NIC driver.

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Welcome to the XINU for Routers Main Page. This is for developing documentation for our development process that began in the summer of 2006. As this is a wiki, you can sign up and begin adding and editing content, uploading images, and generating the needed documentation for our efforts.

Project Outline

  • Goals
  1. Infect WRT54GL Routers with a XINU kernel
  2. Develop XINU to a point where it can control the router's basic functions
  3. Use this platform for a course in embedded systems and/or networking


How to...

More Research

  • TODO: (concrete tasks)
    • XINU Tasks
      • Complete wired NIC driver.
      • Start on wireless NIC driver and "RoboSwitch".
      • Integrate XINU TCP/IP stack.
  • TOTHINK: (abstract goals and wishlists)
    • Learn more about the memory structure and underlying hardware.
    • How should the loader discover hardware parameters if CFE does not implement device enumeration?
    • How do we safely access flash memory without bricking the router?

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