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# [[HOWTO:Install OpenWRT|Install OpenWRT]]
# [[HOWTO:Install OpenWRT|Install OpenWRT]]
# [[HOWTO:Modify the Linksys Hardware|Modify the Linksys Hardware]]
# [[HOWTO:Modify the Linksys hardware|Modify the Linksys Hardware]]
# [[HOWTO:Run your own code|Run your own code]]
# [[HOWTO:Run your own code|Run your own code]]

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Welcome to the XINU for Routers Main Page. This is for documentation for our development process that began in the summer of 2006.

As this is a wiki, you can sign up and begin adding and editing content, uploading images, and generating the needed documentation for our efforts.

About this Project

Guides to Replicate Our Work

In this section we are developing instructions so that other groups can benefit from the work we are doing. These guides can be followed more or less in order to create a relatively inexpensive platform for a custom operating system. As our work develops further, there will be more XINU-specific information.

  1. Install OpenWRT
  2. Modify the Linksys Hardware
  3. Run your own code

Internal Documentation

Project Outline

  • Goals
  1. Infect WRT54GL Routers with a XINU kernel
  2. Develop XINU to a point where it can control the router's basic functions
  3. Use this platform for a course in embedded systems and/or networking

More Research

  • TODO: (concrete tasks)
    • XINU Tasks
      • Complete wired NIC driver.
      • Start on wireless NIC driver and "RoboSwitch".
      • Integrate XINU TCP/IP stack.
  • TOTHINK: (abstract goals and wishlists)
    • Learn more about the memory structure and underlying hardware.
    • How should the loader discover hardware parameters if CFE does not implement device enumeration?
    • How do we safely access flash memory without bricking the router?

Useful Links