Modify the Linksys hardware

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Work in progress...

Parts List

Quantity Part Name Details Part / Model Number Price
1 LinkSys WRT54GL Router 802.11b/g wireless broadband router LinkSys WRT54GL ~$65.00
1 Ribbon cable 28 AWG, 10 conductor, 25' Jameco 643508CM $4.99
1 IDC socket connector 0.1”, 10 conductor Jameco 32491CM $0.25
1 IDC shrouded header 0.1”, 10 conductor Jameco 67811CM $0.33
1 RS232 Transmitter/Receiver IC 2DVR/2RCVR RS232 5V 20-DIP DigiKey MAX233CPP-ND $7.45
2 Two (2) DB9 Female 22AWG,SOLDER CUP Jameco 15771CM $0.59

Tools List

  • Soldering Iron
  • Dremel tool (for cutting holes in plastic case)


Task One: Opening the Router

It's really very easy... almost too easy.

As others have done, I will defer to Void Main, who provides nice illustrated opening instructions.

DO NOTE: This is where the warranty on the router is voided! (But really, you know there's no real fun to be had unless a warranty gets voided somewhere.)