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== Summer 2008 ==
== Summer 2008 ==
* linux- Ugly macros are a way of life.
* ../net/tcp/tcpTimer.c:101: error: ‘rum’ undeclared (first use in this function)
* ../net/tcp/tcpTimer.c:101: error: ‘rum’ undeclared (first use in this function)
* Brandon: "Vim has a learning curve." / MS: "No, it's a line."
* Brandon: "Vim has a learning curve." / MS: "No, it's a line."

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Summer 2008

  • linux- Ugly macros are a way of life.
  • ../net/tcp/tcpTimer.c:101: error: ‘rum’ undeclared (first use in this function)
  • Brandon: "Vim has a learning curve." / MS: "No, it's a line."
  • MS: "[re: Firefox Plushie] Wow, that look more like a racoon to me. And wouldn't that just make people position Linux Tux and Firefox Fux is various explicit positions? Or is that just me?" / DB: "Yes, Michael. It is just you. And I don't think the Firefox mascot's proper name is 'Fux.'"
  • JP: "I'm laughing because my nose itches."
  • JP: "I'm not going to start my own business. For a business to work, the owner has to care."

Spring 2008

  • JP: "I'm not saying it's my opinion, I'm just saying it's an opinion."
  • JP: "Yeah, that's just fool complicated."
  • AG: "Even Tim's pictures have bugs in them."
  • AK: "Warnings mean you are smarter than the compiler!"
  • AG: "Do you use text messaging?" / JP: "What's that?"
  • AG: "I feel like doing something. What should I do?" / PH: "Go home."
  • DB: "Any questions? What else have I forgotten to tell you?" (email to lab) / Response: "The XINU lab notes that you forgot to tell us that you love us."
  • DB: "Traditionally, graduate students get a bed to themselves in this situation."
  • PH: "I'm really going to enjoy watching the commits to this branch."
  • ZL: "Voc and Supervoc joined at the UART"
  • George Corliss: "Verbose. Minus 5."
  • Steve Merrill: "Publish! Publish! Publish!" (walking down the hall past junior faculty offices)
  • JP: "I am just participating cause I'm standing here."
  • JP: "New commands are silly."
  • JP: "I've solved all kinds of problems in my life that no one's ever solved before."
  • AG: "You know scheme. I know scheme. We all scheme for ice cream."
  • DB: "I like StarTrek, but that would be less a hobby and more an investment."
  • MS: "Subtract two." / MN: "Why?" / MS: "...because I said so." / MN: "...alright..." / MS: "...and then when that doesn't work subtract four. But two should work." / MN: "Two didn't work." / MS: "Damnit! Subtract four." (Conversation continues in a similar fashion until Matt ends up subtracting eight.)
  • DB: "So they basically made a hammer and went after everything that could be a nail."
  • JP: "This is so unfair to us petty criminals."
  • DB: "We'll all be getting eye transplants soon."
  • DB: "I am somehow derived from C." (on the ubiquity of the C programming language)
  • JP: "First you have to get the $3,000 license for the whizbang that does all the work."
  • DB: "I don't remember what the silly window is, but it must be important."
  • AK: "[UML is] just a bunch of boxes on paper."
  • DB: "Java has corrupted you all."
  • KJ: "There are some fonts that really spread out a paper." (discussing parameters for COSC 198 term paper)
  • DB: "You're telling me to put in less work. I'm not going to argue with you."
  • See MIPS Run, 2nd Ed.: "When we finally make contact with aliens, their wheelbarrows will have round wheels and their computers will probably use fixed-size pages."


  • XINU Cometh.
  • XINU Returneth.
  • XINU Calls.
  • XINU Returns.
  • XINU Creates.
  • XINU Reschedules.
  • XINU Saves and Restores.
  • XINU Preempts.
  • XINU Comes Not to JUDGE, But to EXECUTE...
  • XINU Knows Your Inmost Firmware.
  • XINU Brings New Life to Old Hardware.
  • XINU Waits.
  • XINU Allocates.
  • XINU Deallocates Away.
  • XINU Tastes Great.
  • XINU Has Less Filling.
  • XINU Eschews Obfuscation.
  • XINU Does Not Do Windows.
  • XINU Brings ORDER out of CHAOS.
  • XINU Brings CHAOS from ORDER.
  • He Whoever Believes in XINU Shall Have Eternal Processing.
  • XINU Shall Run Again.
  • XINU Is Not UNIX.
  • XINU. It's What's For Dinner.
  • No XINU and No Mips Make Homer Something Something...
  • See XINU. See XINU Run. Run XINU Run.
  • XINU Allocateth, XINU Deallocateth Away.


Abbreviation Name
AG Aaron Gember
AK Adam Koehler
DB Dennis (or Dr.) Brylow
JP Justin Picotte
KJ Kyle Jackson
MN Matt Netkow
MS Michael Schultz
PH Paul Hinze
ZL Zachary Lund