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  • "I'm not saying it's my opinion, I'm just saying it's an opinion." - Justin Picotte
  • "Yeah, that's just fool complicated." - Justin Picotte
  • "Even Tim's pictures have bugs in them." - Aaron Gember
  • "Warnings mean you are smarter than the compiler!" - Adam Koehler
  • Conversation:
    • Aaron: "Do you use text messaging?"
    • Justin: "What's that?"
  • Conversation:
    • Aaron: "I feel like doing something. What should I do?"
    • Paul: "Go home."
  • Email:
    • From Brylow: "Any questions? What else have I forgotten to tell you?"
    • Response: "The XINU lab notes that you forgot to tell us that you love us."
  • "Traditionally, graduate students get a bed to themselves in this situation."
  • "I'm really going to enjoy watching the commits to this branch." - Paul Hinze
  • "Voc and Supervoc joined at the UART" - Zachary Lund