Serial adapter diagrams

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RJ45/DB9 adapters

Below are diagrams for RJ45 to DB9 adapters allowing connection between an Etherlite serial bay and XINU backends in a pool. The first diagram is for UART 0 (DTE). The second diagram is for the platform-dependent UART 1 (DCE).



Null Modem

The null modem adapter is required to make connections between available UART 1 ports on two machines. The above UART 1 diagram functions as a null modem when connecting directly to other backends, as well as to the EtherLite serial bay.

EtherLite to Baytech

The third diagram represents a connection between the between a Baytech serial-controlled power strip and the EtherLite terminal annex. The final two diagrams are the Baytech/Etherlite diagram broken into two parts, representing the mating of two individual RJ45/DB9 adapters.

Wiring diagram for Baytech to Etherlite connection

same as UART 0 diagram above

Baytech RJ45 to DB9F