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Several 'How To' pages on this wiki allow professors and assistants to develop and build a classroom or laboratory setting enabling the modification and use of Embedded Xinu.

The set of pages found under the Teaching With Xinu category help a professor understand how to incorporate Embedded Xinu into a course for his or her department's curriculum. A professor can integrate Xinu into many different courses. The Embedded Xinu team at Marquette University has defined several potential course tracks as guidelines for professors. The provided course tracks should not be considered the only possibilities, but merely a few potential tracks of the many that can be developed to let a professor incorporate Embedded Xinu into a curriculum.


Student Built Xinu

A student built operating system puts the student in the trenches of operating system development. The student will become intimately involved with the inner workings of an operating system. This will give the student a better understanding of the various systems that work together behind the scenes while an operating system is running. Operating systems topics that can be incorporated in a student built Xinu course include: memory management, scheduling, concurrent processing, device management, file systems and others.

Student Extended Xinu

A student extended Xinu course could be application sided or advanced operating system oriented. An application slanted course would extend a release of Embedded Xinu by adding applications to its shell interface. A student would be programming applications in an embedded environment and have to learn to deal with the constraints of programming for such an environment. By extending the operating system directly, a student may learn more advanced operating systems features or go into more in depth by developing extensions to systems that are already present in an Embedded Xinu release.

Networking With Xinu

A course designed to teach networking with Xinu can have students build portions of an network stack while learning about networking. This networking stack can be built on top of an Embedded Xinu release that has a network stack or one that just has the network driver.