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Currently I am a graduate student working at Marquette University. I am a research assistant for Dr. Dennis Brylow. At present I am beginning research into multi-core operating systems methodology and design.

Over the past year I helped develop instructional materials for Teaching With Xinu, aided in the continuing development of the Embedded Xinu networking stack and helped make changes to the Unix based Xinu Console Tools based on my prior knowledge attained in the development of the Windows tools, WinXinu.

Teaching With Xinu enables other universities to use the provided outlines to help build courses around the Embedded Xinu operating system. A few of the course structures included Student Built Xinu and Networking With Xinu.

In addition to my work in developing these course materials and guidelines I partook in the continuing development of the network stack in Embedded Xinu which included the addition of the Trivial File Transfer Protocol as well as reception of Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) traffic and response to the HTTP traffic through an initial design of a web server.

When not working on networking aspects of Embedded Xinu I undertook the development of processes related to the onboard flashrom of the WRT54GL routers, including adding the ability to overwrite the normal operating system from within Embedded Xinu with any properly formatted operating system that can run on the WRT54GL.

Summer Projects

I will partake in several Embedded Xinu projects over the summer of 2009. I will be senior lead on the Web Interface project as well as co-lead the Flash project. In addition to these two projects I will be aiding in the development of a flash file system for Embedded Xinu. Lastly, I will delve into my master's thesis research area of multicore operating systems development and design.

Weekly Log (Summer 2009)

Week of May 11

  • Plotted out tasks and deadlines for the Web Interface project.
  • Plotted out tasks for flash file system.
  • Designed program flow diagram for the Web Interface.
  • Discovered problems with using the current loopback device implementation with the Web Interface.

Week of May 18

Week of May 25

Week of June 1

Week of June 8

Week of June 15

  • Cruising the Caribbean.

Week of June 22

Week of June 29

Week of July 6

Week of July 13

Week of July 20

Week of July 27

Week of August 3