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About WinX

Working in coordination with Dr. Dennis Brylow a senior design project was set up to create a piece of software to allow the direct inclusion of Windows based computers in the development and testing of XINU operating systems. The goal is to create a front end program that has all the functionally of current shell based front end tied into a graphical user interface. The project codename, WinX, was installed at the beginning of the implementation phase; ultimately the software may be released under a different name for various legal reasons.

  • Working Objective Statement
    • Design and implement a Windows program to allow Windows-based computers to participate directly in the MSCS Systems Lab for remote testing and execution of embedded operating system kernels by 28 April 2008 at a cost of $0.
  • Current developers include:
    • Adam Koehler
    • Nicholas McMillan
    • Matthew Thomson
    • Christopher Swiderski

Phases of WinX

  • Design
    • The design phase spanned the whole first academic semester starting in September 2007 and ending in December 2007.
  • Implementation
    • The implementation stage will span the whole second academic semester starting in January 2008 and ending in late April 2008.
  • Major Implemenation Phases
    • Internal: January - Alpha Stage (Completed)
    • Alpha: March 12, 2008 (Completed)
    • Beta: April 9, 2008 April 16, 2008 (Active)
    • Live: April 28, 2008

WinX Development

WinX implementation is an ongoing process and members of the software development team can access the subversion repository at to view the current status of the software.

WinXINU Testing

The team has uploaded several files for external beta testing of WinXINU.

  • Step 1: Copy the WinXINU-Installer folder via SSH to your desktop: web location ~
  • Step 2: Go into Cygwin Install Folder
    • 2a) Run Setup.exe
    • 2b) Select Install from Local - Folder is the only other folder in the Cygwin Install directory
    • 2c) Click ALL to set it to Uninstall all packages its at top of package selection screen
    • 2d) Click Devel package to set it to Install it is found within in the package listings
  • Step 3: Change the first line of the compiler/makeVars file (found in your XINU code directory) to the location of the WinXINU cross compiler bin
   MIPS_ROOT = "C:\Documents and Settings\nmcmilla\Desktop\winx\compiler\cross\bin"
  • Step 4: Run WinXINU executable
  • Step 5: Navigate to config tab, change location of cygwin\bin to location on local machine
  • Step 6: Navigate to config tab, change location of compile directory where the Makefile is located for final image build

WinXINU Testing Feedback

  Use a structure similar to the following:
   **Error/Comment Title
   ***Description of error/comment


  • Improve cygwin installation process.
    • (Didn't work very well on a computer that had already been setup.)

compile pane

  • I should be able to click 'make' or 'make clean' whenever a damn well feel like. Fixed: 4/19/08 by cswiders
    • and there should be a mechanism for making other targets as well.
  • Implement 'Errors and Warnings' checkbox. Fixed: 4/19/08 by cswiders


  • Perhaps only query morbius at most once per second (disabling the 'update now' button for a second)

xinu interaction

  • Connect to backend, select mips-console, program complains and goes on anyway. No good.
  • Run 'testsuite' and compare output to linux version (ignoring the VT100 thing). Fixed: 4/16/08 by akoehler
    • also typing a single \ should produce a single slash. Not typing \\ to produce
  • Verify *ALL* control characters are not printed. Fixed: 4/16/08 by akoehler
  • Is there any way that hitting backspace won't jump to the top and back down?
  • Something with 'mips-console' and xinu just going, seems...odd.
    • if the download fails it still keeps on a truckin'.
  • Continue session doesn't continue session until a client side character is typed.
    • Also, I can backspace over previous characters after typing ctrl-space.
    • Perhaps, ctrl-space should also be the continue code (once will pause, twice will continue).
  • Clear history in the interaction tabs (or even have a value to specify lines of scrollback). Fixed: 4/18/08 by akoehler
  • xsh$ clear (makes WinX go boom). Fixed: 4/16/08 by akoehler
  • 'Command request timed out' ... clearly it did not.

serial port 2

  • Should have option to connect to same backend2 name as serial port 1 (if connected on 1). Fixed: 4/18/08 by akoehler
  • Clicking cancel in the select specific backend2 should not produce an error message. Fixed: 4/17/08 by nmcmilla
  • Connect to preferred when already connected produces no warnings. Fixed: 4/17/08 by nmcmilla
  • Connecting to backend2 hops to the top of the textbox.
  • Is there any way that hitting backspace won't jump to the top and back down? - NO
  • Ctrl-space should work here too. And make sure continue session still works on this pane.


  • New user profile should auto-set in config after creation. Fixed: 4/18/08 by akoehler


  • The color seems funky (tab color doesn't match background color).
  • Needs icon.
  • Needs About.
  • Needs 'command descriptions'
  • Possibly needs a quick start guide in the help menu.
  • No keybindings for 'New Profile,' 'Save Profile,' etc.