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WinXINU Installation

Please check the WinXINU Installation Wiki Page for installation instructions.

About WinXINU

As part of a senior design project working in coordination with Dr. Dennis Brylow a frontend interface was successfully created for use under the a Windows operating system. Project members include Adam Koehler, Nicholas McMillan, and Christopher Swiderski, Matt Thomson. The software created incorporates the basic functionality of the UNIX variant toolset allowing computers with a Windows operating system installed to directly participate in the development and testing of the Embedded XINU operating system. Version 1.0 of WinXINU was released on May 1, 2008.

System Requirements
  • Operating System: Windows XP or Windows Vista
  • Ability to connect to XINU server
  • Microsoft .Net Framework v3.0 or higher
  • HDD Space
    • 60 megabytes (WinXINU)
    • 1310 megabytes (Cygwin)
    • Total ~1.4 gigabytes
WinXINU Software User's Manual

WinXINU Development

Initial Development
  • Goal
    • To design and develop frontend client that is graphically oriented and Windows compatible. This client should maintain all functionality of the currently implemented fronted software tools that run on any UNIX variant operating system. This will allow computers with the Windows XP or Windows Vista operating system installed to directly participate in the remote testing of Embedded XINU operating system kernels.
Continued Development

The continued development of WinXINU will bring the more advanced entities of the XINU Console toolset to the Windows frontend client. Along with the addition of more advanced features any fixes to bugs will be processed within the Windows toolset subversion repository.

WinXINU Feedback

Please leave your feedback for WinXINU on the WinXINU Feedback Page.