Assignment: IP-ICMP

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This assignment is part of the Networking With Xinu track for professors that are Teaching With Xinu and it is intended to be completed in groups of two or three.


A new tar-ball is provided with a solution to the previous assignment. If your solution is similar to the one presented, you may choose to continue on with it; but it is suggested that you untar the new project files in a fresh working directory:

   tar xvzf <tar-ball location>

Internet Protocol

Two parts of standard number 5 of the Internet Official Protocol Standards are the Internet Protocol (IP) and the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP). In this assignment students will build both IP and ICMP into Embedded Xinu.

Upon completion of the assignment the students' implementation should:

Required Assignment Parts
  • send and receive packets of with type IP
  • further demultiplex IP packets to find the underlying type
  • send and receive ICMP packets
Optional Assignment Parts
  • reply to ICMP echo requests properly
  • shell integration: add a ping command to the shell (sending out echo requests)

If you choose not to implement the optional assignment parts then placing test case code within the shell's 'test' command will allow you to run one or more tests on your implementation at run-time. Optional portions to an assignment may be required portions of a later assignment.

Student Outcomes

Upon completion of this assignment students should understand the key role this protocol plays in the overall networking architecture. Each student should also be able to understand the unique ties between the Internet Protocol and the Internet Control Message Protocol.

Potential References