Assignment: Networking Applications

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This assignment is part of the Networking With Xinu track for professors that are Teaching With Xinu and it is intended to be completed in groups of two or three.


A new tar-ball is provided with a solution to the previous assignment. If your solution is similar to the one presented, you may choose to continue on with it; but it is suggested that you untar the new project files in a fresh working directory:

   tar xvzf <tar-ball location>

Shell Commands

We have a few more protocols within our networking portion of Embedded Xinu. In this assignment we will add shell commands to create useful interaction with those protocols. We will be adding four shell commands: tcp-con and ftp-receive.

Upon completion of the assignment the students' implementation should have all the required shell commands properly implemented and well tested.

Required Assignment Parts

Shell Command Descriptions
  • tcp-con establishes a tcp connection with the provided IP address
  • ftp-receive uses a TCP/IP connection to transfer acquire a file from a provided remote location
Shell Command Options
  • tcp-con
    • options for: determine whether the connection establishment is active or passive
    • add help option that prints usage
  • ftp-receive
    • options for: determine whether to use passive or active connection establishment for file transfer
    • add help option that prints usage

Student Outcomes

Upon completion of this assignment students should understand how to implement various shell commands that interact with the underlying network interface. Implementing the shell commands should give the student a better grasp of how the various protocols actually work.

Potential References